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Behind the Scenes Diary

How I spent my spring break

I miss those little How I Spent My Summer Vacation essays from school. So, here’s an insider peek of the good and not-so-good how I spent mine, which was mostly done offline. I work and go to school on a screen; NOT being attached to a device on my days off is nearly heaven. -First


A Fight for Dominance: Bella vs April

This is a true Amazon clash! Bella Rush is a new and formidable opponent for April Hunter! This clip features intense mat fighting with each woman fighting for dominance and doing whatever it takes. The two amazons FLEX and circle, testing each other out. Bella insults April and says she isn’t strong enough to face

Behind the Scenes Diary

Mermaids Welcome, Shells Optional

Mermaids Welcome, Shells Optional. So after 987,697,899 requests, YOU’VE GOT IT. Mermaids are real! Or, I’m doing my best to make it so. Since my photographers have day jobs and can only work weekends, trying to do this on a beach was a no-go. They’re mobbed on weekends. Poolside it was – until part 2, when


April vs Angelina Love: Clash of the Amazons

Home from TNA Impact Wrestling, Angelina faces April in the ring for a match. After a size comparison and bicep flex off, Love decides to fight dirty and goes after Hunter, but the redhead can hold her own! If pictures are worth a thousand words, then some of those might include “I give!”, “mercy!”, and


Blue Bikini

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